Free, transparent & reliable for a better world

Technical consulting: intelligently integrated IT & IoT solutions

What we do. What makes the bintellix ®.

We want to transform the world into a better one. A world in which people feel good. A world that works exactly the way we want it to. A world that opens up new paths for us. To achieve this, we network IoT components in smart clusters in a modular and flexible way. It's always the same technical elements: e.g., bus system, interfaces, loose couplings, cross-version data structures and central infrastructure databases. But it opens up endless possibilities for our customers and us for work, industry and private life.

Think holistically, act sustainably

We do not sell products or services, but comprehensive solutions. For the benefit of our customers, for the good of society and for the good of nature, bintellix ® believes that knowledge and meaningful technology should be accessible to and used by all. Together, we achieve more than any one individual. Our actions are sustainable at all times, our thinking holistic - for a better future. And that is not an empty promise: We really do always have the big picture in mind in everything we do. Technology should be there for people and give them back their freedom - at the highest level imaginable.

Our self-image as a company

Legally, we are a "GmbH & Co. KG". But our corporate form in practice is a "Responsible Ownership Company" or "Purpose Company" in English - in other words, a company that lives a purpose-oriented way of doing business. In this way, we enable sustainable work and assume social responsibility. We focus on the entrepreneurial purpose and its sustainable realization, not on pure profit.

With and for our employees and customers

bintellix ® offers a partnership framework for all parties involved, with us employees are more than just highly professional specialists. In the cooperation with our customers we focus on open and transparent exchange. We are mentor, companion and doer for small to large companies, which want to optimize infrastructure and IT for themselves and their customers to "future".